“Zoodulcis: Our Fascination with Animals”

“Zoodulcis is a feeling and cognition about soft fascination with certain types of animals and how this fascination contributes to human well-being. Beneficial human-animal interactions can contribute to our mental, physical, and emotional health in countless ways. From attention restoration and stress reduction, to recovery from disease and illness, animals can improve our lives.”



To order this book as an ePub $4.00 directly from the author: email goatlady80@gmail.com (same address for Paypal payment).

To order from Amazon, click on the Kindle link below:

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Not much time to read these days?  Zoodulcis is now a audiobook.  This can be ordered directly from Amazon for $20.00 OR directly from the author (and narrator) for $10.  The file will be sent as an MP3. 


For questions about bulk discounts, please do not hesitate to email the address above and all inquiries will be answered within 48 hours.  Thank you for your interest in the human-animal bond.