Returning to Work?

In the last 3 months, I have noticed a significantly increased number of people making planned or impulse purchases of pets.  Since I moderate a small pet forum that trends toward, but is not exclusive to, reptiles, I have noticed a 5 fold uptick in pet acquisition and the corresponding need for pet advice. Now many, but certainly not all, of those new pet owners will be going back to work.  This may leave new pets with a certain amount of anxiety.  For instance, many forum members with chameleons have reported that their pets cling to their arms and try to resist being put back into their enclosures at the end of a period of enjoyable interaction with their owners.  Reptiles feeling this anxiety may begin to display signs of stress when their owners have much less time for them.  Imagine how dogs and cats are going to react?  I offer this article as a way for new pet owners to understand the need for staging as a way to desensitize pets to your imminent departure.

Remember, our new pets, even reptiles, may depend on a certain amount of human interaction with them in order to thrive.  Do not underestimate their emotional needs.

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