USDA Back Walking Puppy Mill Report


Animal Cruelty Now has a Governmental Champion: the USDA.

Animal lovers from all political persuasions should find this trend reprehensible.  For the sake of almighty commerce and the ability for bad actors to be able to continue make a buck, some of the worst puppy mills in the US are now being protected by the USDA, according to the Human Society’s Horrible Hundred report.  The names of some of the worst repeat offenders are now being redacted from the USDA’s annual inspection report. This prevents the conscientious puppy buyer from knowing who the bad guys are in this industry.

As always,  my advice to dog purchasers is to never, never, never, buy a purebred dog from a pet store.  Go the breeders home, ask questions, and examine the kennel conditions for yourself.

Honor the human-animal bond by financially strangling these businesses, before they can abuse and strangle more dogs.

“Garden Spot Puppy Haven (owners), John and Betty Stoltzfus, are now facing animal cruelty charges for allegedly hanging two dogs at their kennel. Perhaps nothing illustrates the cruelty and callousness of puppy mills more than the horrific act of
hanging dogs simply because they were ill and needed care. According to news reports, the Stoltzfuses claimed that they hanged the dogs because they tested positive for canine brucellosis, and the owners didn’t have time to take them to a veterinarian for professional euthanasia because they were heading to a “family event.”

For the full Human Society report you can access the link below.

One final thought, animal lovers, remember to vote in mid-terms.  There are innocents out there who need our help.


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