Understanding the Human-Animal Bond

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Zoo (animal) dulcis (sweet) is a term that refers to our inherent attraction to certain types of animals who, from a psycho-evolutionary standpoint, seem to be particularly useful in human thriving and overall wellbeing. These animals capture our attention in a good way, a way that promotes healing and joy. Zoodulcis is a strong component of the Human-Animal Bond.

The Human-Animal bond is both mysterious and intuitive.  Our relationships with our fellow creatures influence their well-being and our own.  Join me in exploring the issues and research emerging concerning the importance of caring for and enjoying pets and wildlife.

In this blog, I will be sharing cutting-edge trends and issues concerning animal welfare, the science of the human-animal bond, and always, where we ‘human animals’ fit in the whole scheme of things.

The soft fascination that we experience in the presence of certain domestic animals, wildlife, and even livestock can have an impact on our health. From alleviating the symptoms of depression and PTSD to improving memory and attention, having animals in our lives can affect human well-being on a number of levels. We, and they, have co-evolved to benefit each other. To that end, it is up to humans to honor that relationship with the finest care and consideration possible, both for domestic animals and wild ones.  Breakthroughs in animal care, wellness, understanding of intelligence and behavior will be included in this blog. Emerging and controversial policies and laws will be touched on as well.

In addition to current events and timely information, advice on how to best co-exist with your companion animals will be offered from the perspective of a professional with 40 years animal health and behavior experience. Every pet species offers it’s own wonderful characteristics and challenges, and every individual within every species is just that, an individual.  Sometimes our pets can seem more of a burden than a delight. Understanding leads to compassion and compassion can open pathways to understanding. Sign up to follow this blog for tips on animal behavior and care that can bring the joy back to life with a pet, help you to mourn the passing of a beloved pet, or help you successfully embark on a new adventure with a new pet in the family. Written guides and personal instruction via email and phone will be made available by summer 2019.  Wishing you happy pet hugs and kisses as you read on…

Dr. Lauren Hall Ruddell

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